Friday, May 24, 2013

The Hard Part

So that's a lie, because it implies there's an easy part to writing, and I've never found that.

This writing workshop has been stellar, though.  No one else came today, but here I am, sitting in the library, spread over a desk, and it's been stellar.  Okay, so I know right now I'm not actually writing on my paper.  Still, it's been a real help.

Yesterday, my colleague (I should give him a name, Writing Guy it is!), Writing Guy peer edited my paper, just pretty much like we were at the writing center as usual.  I admit I'm really anxious, but I like him well enough, and he seems a decent, humane person, so I trusted that he wouldn't trash me or my work.  And no, he didn't.  But he gave me lots of great feedback and ideas for improving on what I've got.

I spent much of this morning working on revising the introductory section to really give strong context and make it work better for the journal I want to submit it to.  Now I'm taking a short break from that (after turning on my computer to type in what I'd written, and thus opening up all too many internet possibilities).  And then, well, I think I should do more, but really I want to go home and mow my overgrown lawn before it gets MORE overgrown or starts raining again.

Here are my big "discoveries": 
1)  I like to spread out when I write.  I need to come to the library more so I can spread out.
2)  I actually write new stuff better by hand, at least in initial drafting, and then revise slightly when I type it in.  That's how I wrote my dissertation and most papers, but I somehow forgot that and tried to just type and write at the same time.  That may work for the blog, but not for stuff where I'm trying to put together a larger argument.
3)  I found it helpful to feel like I'd said "I'll be here" to the writing workshop, because I actually am here, and each day I've gotten at least a decent chunk of work done.  At the same time, I really feel like I want to be outside when it's nice and garden and ride my bike.

So, I need to balance coming to the library and sitting just with my ms and a pad of paper and whatever text resources with playing outside.

And now, I'm off to play outside!

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