Thursday, May 09, 2013

Moving On

A colleague I like and respect a good deal is moving on to a better position.  It's not, perhaps, an ideal position, but it's a good move for my colleague.

I hope zie loves the new position and that the new employer treats hir like the gem zie is.

It's difficult, isn't it, seeing a great colleague move somewhere that's better for them.  I mean, I had my fingers crossed that this colleague would get a great job offer, was wishing for the very best for hir.  And yet at the same time, I'm sad to be losing the close proximity and collegiality.

I'm not in any of the decision making loops, but I sure wish those who were had seen fit to make a competing offer.  Alas, apparently not.

I'm both elated for my colleague and bummed for me.


  1. I'm in the same boat in our department. So happy for the colleague but sad/frustrated/angry we couldn't/didn't/wouldn't make their position better to keep them. Sigh. But, a HAPPY FOR THEM sigh. sigh.

  2. Yep, going through this right now. There's actually still a small chance my colleague will stay, but still . . zie is one of the people I most like working with.

  3. Same thing here. I'm very happy for my colleague (and good friend) but I hate to see a good person leave. It's going to be different next year!