Friday, May 17, 2013


I've been a grading demon, and they're all done.



My final exams involve two bluebooks.  One is for the open book/open note essay section of the exam, the other for the no book or notes short ID and passages section. 

So I have a bluebook for one section from a student, but not for the other section of the exam.

Did the student not do it?  It's possible.  This student is pretty, well, not always totally on top of academic things.

Or did it fall out of the pile in my sunroom (where I was grading) or car?

So now I have to go home and double check those places before I can turn in grades for the class.

My victory lap around the department can't happen until I know, and then I won't be here.  So phooey!

Still, the grading is DONE for the semester!

Let the summer begin!  (More on exciting summer plans soon.)

Good luck to all of you still grading.  Congratulations to graduating students!  Congratulations to my colleagues who are graduating, too!  (That's what I call retiring, how about you?)

Now for a short office clean up so that I can find what I want to find for summer stuffs.

Next up:

Summer project #1
Planning class for our intro class and ordering books!
Reading lots!

Next semester, I'll be teaching two new classes and one I haven't taught since 2004.  So it might as well be new.

For now, summer begins!


  1. Did you find the missing booklet? Congratulations in any case: what an accomplishment!

  2. Nope, I didn't. I searched the part of the house where I graded and my car and my office. So that was that. I don't know what else to do.