Friday, May 24, 2013

Fight on the Deck

I put out orange halves for Orioles. 

Today, I saw a beautiful male Baltimore Oriole singing and eating at the orange.  Another male hopped around nearby, moving from the water bowl to deck railing, to a different area of deck railing, and so on.  And then at some point, the second one got near enough and the first went after him.  And then both of them were attacking each other, mostly with their feet grabbing, and once they'd both got hold of each others' feet, they fell to the deck and were squacking and wrastling in place. 

It was sort of scary; they were just so intense. 

But when I got closer to see a bit better, they took off instantly.

I've never seen songbirds fighting before.

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  1. Not on topic, but I saw a pair of robins chasing a squirrel across the road today, probably chasing it away from their nest. It was impressive, because what could they do to the squirrel, really, except peck him? They chased him into the field and then hovered near the road in case he came back.