Sunday, May 05, 2013

Suddenly, Green

This last snow has melted quickly, and the revealed grass and such is suddenly much greener than before.

I'm told (well, one hears on the local news and such) that when the snow first melts in early spring, the ground is really frozen and so doesn't absorb much of the water, so it runs off.  But once the ground is mostly unfrozen, then new precipitation gets absorbed much more.  So maybe the ground is all getting a nice, slow, thorough watering?

I've had my first Red-breasted Grosbeaks (two males) at the feeders, and the regulars continue, though it looks like the Juncoes are mostly gone, and I haven't seen the Tufted Titmouse around, either.  (They may find other preferred food in the area, or migrate elsewhere for breeding?)  The Orioles are really going at the oranges.  That usually changes once more native fruits become available, it seems.  Or they leave my neighborhood for actual breeding.

I'm thinking of planting an apple tree.  One of my neighbors has a couple planted (across the street and on the back side of his house).  Another neighbor is thinking of putting one in, too (a bit nearer).

The question is, how close is close enough for pollination with another tree?

Perhaps the title should have been "Suddenly, Pink"?  The second stage of the Giro is today!  The first stage was a sprint stage, which means it's mostly exciting for the last few minutes.  Today is a team time trial, which means it's really not all that exciting to watch.  (I'm sure it's pretty cool if you're there, since anywhere you are, you'd get to see teams woosh through every few minutes for a long while.)

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