Monday, October 17, 2011


It is 9:30pm, and I am ready for bed.

And my neighbors have started vaccuuming.



  1. Oh jeez... And I thought I had it bad after in a one month period, a student at the music conservatory moved into the apartment below me and a couple with a baby moved into the next door apartment.

    Hope you can catch some sleep.

  2. I would politely ask them to vacuum during normal working hours. Two nights in a row? Wonder what kind of disaster there is in their room!

  3. i have been known to go off on my beloved when he vacuums at 10 p.m. or right outside my office at any hour, without at least asking/warning me.

    i'm with susan -- you really need to let them know that it is NOT ok, that it DOES disrupt. that joking about the vacuum was most likely an attempt to sound the waters and/or apologize. so they need to know. i suggest details, such as the difficulty of sleeping anyway, and harmony, if you turn up others who are too polite to go parading around in their jammies looking for the source of the damned noise.

    also, maybe i've mentioned that i do parade out to stop the noise in places like dorms or hotels. jammies and sweater, probably looking perfectly horrifying to the dimwits i'm after. i am polite, but firm. and i figure that if i look scary, maybe that is a benefit of achieving this many years on the planet.

  4. Yes, 9:30 is far too late. 12:30 is UNACCEPTABlE. They are adults. They need to know that it's very disrupting. Deflect the issue to blame the tissue-thin walls/floors of the current place but make them understand that vacuuming is not a lullaby.