Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Hostel

I'm back at the Abbey, and now I can share some pictures. So I'll quickly post up a couple of the hostel, and you'll see why it's so cool. First, here's my room. I love the bright green bedding!

And here's a picture of the outside. Yeah, it's pretty amazing. I was told by someone in the town that it had originally been built as a luxury hotel. It was pretty fun, with a nice dining area and good food. We got a hot breakfast every morning, and then they had food for purchase later. And it was good.

I went out on a ferry to Bowness on Windemere, and this is a picture of the hostel from the ferry. What a stunning setting, isn't it?


  1. i'm jealous! this is not what one conjures up when "youth hostel" is mentioned. also, you mentioned your room was all yours.

    i only stayed at one youth hostel -- in new orleans, during the 1984 world's fair, on a cross-country road trip with my sister -- and it was not like this! no idea how many bunk beds were packed into this big barn of a room, but it was cheap. and we had the necessary sleeping bags, since we earlier stopped at the grand canyon. and after one hurricane cocktail, a person stops worrying about vandals breaking into the aged car to steal one's stuff.

    such a grand tour you are having!

  2. This hostel is located at a very beautiful place! It would be great to wake up each morning and enjoy the whole experience of seeing this spectacle. You are lucky to get this spot.