Monday, October 17, 2011

One More Whine Before I Go to Dinner

Imagine you're delivering your spouse's personal computer to the classroom s/he'll be using in a couple of hours. You look in and notice that there's a class in progress.

Do you

a) Stop and wait to deliver the computer when the room is empty
b) Enter the class, leave the computer on a desk, wave, and walk out

If you answer b), please get out of my classroom. WTF, people? Seriously, putting a computer in a class AT LEAST an hour ahead of when it can possibly be needed is more important than the class currently in progress?

(Earlier in the semester, the teaching spouse came into the room and started commenting on how he was going to leave the computer there, totally disrupting my class. Now I realize, these aren't ordinary classrooms, but these are nonetheless classe in progress.)

Thank you for letting me whine. I have to go eat dinner with my colleagues now and not yell or anything, because of course they don't mean anything bad, but are just not thinking, and it wouldn't normally be that big a deal, but the vaccuuming last night and the students gone wild the night before mean that I'm a little short of sleep and equally short of temper.

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