Monday, October 24, 2011

Living the Fantasy

For the first time since nearly the beginning of the semester, I don't have anything planned for this weekend. Last weekend I went to Cambridge and Nottingham. I also walked with some friends to the local town just to walk along a canal path. But this weekend... nothing planned.

I could stay here at the Abbey, perhaps taking a walk in the other direction. Or a bike ride.

Or, you could suggest some places for me to go. I'd like that.

And anyone who is kind enough to suggest a place and email me their snail address, will get a personal postcard from me! (Unless there are more than, say, 20, which is pretty unimaginable.)

Ready, steady, go!


  1. Durham Cathedral is pretty awesome if you haven't been there yet.

  2. A bike ride while you're still in the sweet spot of fall is a nice idea. I love to wander around Brighton, even in the cooler times of year (plus, seeing Prinny's monstrosity always amuses).

    I'm losing track: have you been to Canterbury this visit. Such a beautiful town and I think the Festival's still on for another two weeks!

  3. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Durham really is a lovely town. You should definitely climb the cathedral tower for a gorgeous view of the countryside. Of course, I'm partial to Canterbury, too. Basically, I'm a sucker for towns with cathedrals.

    Do you have any interest in the Brontes? Their home is located in Haworth, a picturesque cobbled little town in the Yorkshire moors. The museum is somehow quite touching and there are fantastic walking paths on the incredibly beautiful moors. You can visit the possible inspiration for Wuthering Heights; that's pretty cool.

    Just post lots of pictures wherever you go. I love the photo tours!

  4. Durham is amazing, built into the rock. In a different direction (geographically and topographically) is Norwich. A lovely city, and since it hasn't grown too much, the medieval shape is still visible. Great cathedral, lovely old pubs... It's been 30 years since I lived there, but it's worth a visit.