Tuesday, June 30, 2009

8 Miles

That's how far I needed to bike today to finish 500 miles for the month. So, I did (a bit more, even).

It's the furthest I've ever biked in a month, jump-started by my Yellowstone trip, of course.

I went swimming for a bit yesterday, after all. Janice was right about goggles; fortunately, my friend had an extra pair. It's pretty cool being able to see under water, but I couldn't get used to opening my eyes, after so many years of having them closed. I also couldn't get a good rhythm for breathing doing the crawl, but I'm guessing I'd get that back with some practice. Mostly I did the sidestroke and froggy-backstroke (Bardiac, queen of not-quite-real swimming strokes), and a bit of breaststroke.

And it was pretty nice. Semi-fun, but felt good even though I was tired.

And everyone was right about the no-one looking thing. The few people there were either chatting (the very pleasant lifeguards) or swimming themselves. It was a different world from the rec pool where I went to college, which we called "the meatmarket" with good reason.

I'm thinking swimming a couple times a week, maybe, to get a flow again, and then maybe more in winter when I can't bike? It would help keep me active when it's not good biking or skiing weather.

I'm off to have lunch with a couple of friends now. Mmmmm. This lunch place is really, really good.


  1. Hooray for the major accomplishment with your mileage and for getting a bit more going with the swimming. (I hear you about the goggle issue. I, too, cannot open my eyes underwater without really bracing myself to do so. Too many years otherwise, I suppose.

  2. Swimming is great exercise and it's much kinder to the joints than cycling.

    When I swim in the winter, my only problem is the walk from the locker room to my car. I don't like to shower in the locker room, and since I live close by, I just wrap myself in a bath sheet and put on my winter coat. However, some time between walking from the locker room to my car, my hair generally freezes.


  3. I never completely get my goggles to not leak, which is a serious pain. But one of the things I've found when I've been swimming regularly is that it requires very different muscles and endurance than other activities. I can be doing long stints on an elliptical trainer, and swimming will still be really hard.

    Oh, and I end up with a not quite breast stroke kick :)

  4. 500 miles!!! Wow!
    You are an inspiration!

  5. I am so impressed and inspired. Congratulations and thanks!