Wednesday, July 01, 2009

News of the Day

Late yesterday, when I remembered to check the mail, I got the form letter from the mammogram center: normal! So that's a relief, right?

Except I wouldn't have been all concerned if I hadn't gone anyway. It's not like I worry about my breasts, really, any more than my knees. As long as I feel good (knees or breasts), I tend not to worry. That changes if someone starts asking me if I'm worried, or something. I'd be worried about my knees if someone said I had to get my knees tested every year now that I'm middle-aged and blah blah.


I have a student who wants to talk to me about working on a paper. She started off wanting to work on the FQ. Okay, it's been a while, but okay. Then she emailed that she thinks there's too much written about Spenser and she wants to break new ground by writing about Tasso. Erm, I wonder how her Italian is, because mine sucks. And then I wonder if she thinks scholars of Italian lit haven't been working on Tasso all these years?

So now I should be rereading book V of the FQ, and reading the paper she sent me so we can talk tomorrow.

(I actually suggested she consider Urania if she wanted something not written lots about. At least I own a copy!)


My sibling and family are coming for the fourth! And then my niece will stay, and my Mom's coming. This all means that someone needs to clean the house thoroughly. Unfortunately, that someone seems to be me.

The kitchen and main "public" rooms are now sparkling clean for a change. Oddly, I really like it when they're all clean, but I hate making them that way.


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    When I was writing my master's thesis all of the thesis students had this weekly research meeting. This one guy kept going on and on about how there were no sources on his topic. He kept saying, there's a dearth. I remember this because I had to look up dearth. :)

    anyway, after a couple of weeks of him parading around trumpeting his originality, since he thought of this idea and no one else had, the prof finally asked him if he'd so much as looked for sources that weren't in English.

    sputter sputter uhhh uhhh. No. I uhhh sputter.

    Now, I don't recall the topic, but it was one of those things that, yeah, there were probably non-English speaking folks writing about this. And it hadn't occurred to him.

    Important lesson for every new researcher, I think.

  2. LOL my mom is coming soon too, but I'm not cleaning up. Wouldn't want her to feel out of her element.

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  4. Glad your exam came back with good results. :)

    There are lots of other romances that the student could consider if she wants to work on something less over done. Parthenissa by Roger Boyle comes to mind. I had to read part of it for a special topics class, and I don't remember much about it. But that's probably because I never come across any criticism about it. Who knows? Romances aren't my specialty, so perhaps I'm missing a huge pool of Parthenissa scholarship.

  5. love clean rooms but hate doing the cleaning? Why, we must be twins!