Sunday, August 28, 2016

Other People are Weird

I invited a new colleague from a different department on campus to stay at my house until their apartment opens up on the fourth.  I was trying to be nice.

But holy cow, other people are weird.  I say that with a bit of a wry smile, because I'm sure my quirks are just as weird as anyone else's, truth be told.  But since I'm writing, let me say, other people are weird!

I want to practice my violin, but I don't want to wake the person.  It's after noon, and I haven't heard the least stirring yet.  I guess I'll go do other chores and practice later?

As someone who lives alone, I think I'm probably very set in my ways.

The person moves out on the first, so it's only a few more days.

(If you were reading this person's blog, I bet they'd say that they're staying with someone who's sort of crazy, and so very weird!)


  1. You're not just trying to be nice—by letting a new colleague stay, you ARE being nice!

    I don't necessarily find it weird that someone sleeps until noon, but whenever I'm a guest, I ask my host what time they get up and ask whether my own preference would be a problem for them. If it would be, I adapt.

  2. Sleeping until noon is a little weird for an actual adult. I mean, I slept until 8:30 today and that was luxurious, but on most days of the week we get up before 7:00, even though I'm a night owl. So weird. I'd go ahead and play your violin anyway and say that you have a set practice time that has to fit in to the rest of your schedule. A really heavy sleeper probably wouldn't even notice.