Wednesday, August 24, 2016

One of Those...

I went to a sale on campus of used stuff this morning.  My campus has these sales regularly, sometimes with basic office/building stuff, but this was a once a year used rec stuff sale.  This is the same sort of sale where I got my yacht.

There, I saw one of those colleagues who just makes you glad to know them.  She's thoughtful and kind, smart, knowledgeable, and an all around good colleague.  We chatted.

And then another colleague interrupted, the polar opposite of the first.  He's the sort who mansplains, who tries to dominate everything with his opinions (this was a rec sale, so he was opining about rec stuff; often he opines about everything else).

If I never had to interact with that colleague again, it wouldn't be too soon, you know?

I got an extra sleeping mini-mattress thingy.  Good deal!

Another colleague may come camping with me, over night.  Her first time.  Fun!

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