Monday, March 28, 2016

Back into the Swing

I'm back from a fabulous SAA!  I learned so much!  So MUCH!

My seminar had a great conversation; it's absolutely wonderful to get to learn from these folks.  And learn I did.

I also saw a really superb Race and Pedagogy workshop, a couple of good panel talks, and met some neat people.

I'm eternally grateful to one of the folks I met; we happened to be heading the same way home, and so were chatting on the airport shuttle.  Then at the airport.  Our flight boarded, and then there was a mechanical problem.  We were deplaned, and (while waiting in line) then got a text from the airline saying that we were being put on a 9:30 pm flight.  That would have put me into Minneapolis at about midnight, well after the last shuttle left, leaving me to wait at the airport until after 7am, when the next shuttle left.

BUT, DG came to me in line and pointed out that there was another flight to Minneapolis about to leave, and so I went and managed to get the very last seat. 

So, DG knew about this flight, and instead of taking it himself (which he could have done, and who would have blamed him), he sent me over.  And I got on and so got home just before midnight.  The other way would have left me trashed for work on Sunday, but this way I managed to finish the things I needed to finish to be ready.

Thanks, DG!  Eternal gratitude to a scholar and a gentleman in the best senses of the word!

And now, on to all the things.

My next big thing is a Shakespeare concert in mid-April, a collaborative event with a bunch of our music and theater folks!  I'm excited!

And then a bunch of people I care about and like are doing recitals, so it's going to be a good month for music!

I practiced my violin yesterday.  At first, everything felt so strange, like it was my very first time.  And after a bit, I sounded every bit as great as I had before.  Which is to say, not great, but getting a little less horribly grinding as I work on stuffs.


When I opened the door to my office, I saw that the desk was cleared and everything was much cleaner.  And it was like someone had broken in and made my office nice!  I forgot until that moment that I'd spent some time early in the break cleaning up when I came in to record the midterm exam grades.  That was a nice surprise!

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