Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Crocus Smile, the Third Year

The first year of the crocus smile, taken on April 19th.

The second year of the crocus smile, taken on April 29th.

This year, it's way early!  It's been visible for a couple of days, but I just decided to take a picture today.  I'm thinking that this year, I'll pull some bulbs from elsewhere in the yard and try to augment it some.  I've got some areas where crocuses are a bit crowded.  And they're yellow, so they'll stand out well.

It does look better in person, though.

Still, it feels so like spring!  (but I'm told we're expecting a big storm tomorrow.

But I'll be headed to SAA!  Anyone want to meet up?

Fie, do you have my number?  (I have yours, and I can text now!)

Our spring break is this week.  I graded and recorded a set of exams, and have been taking care of stuff that really needs to be taken care of.  It's amazing how good some sunshine and sleeping in feels!

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  1. I'll see you there! Yes, feel free to text me whenever. The number I have for you is the one from last year. If it hasn't changed, then I do have your number. (Mine has not changed.) I'm arriving in the afternoon on Wednesday and leaving Saturday morning. Hubby will be with me, but he knows I have people to catch up with, and he's eager to explore the city. Lunch Friday? I'm sure I'll see you around before then, too. Looking forward to it!!