Thursday, February 05, 2015

Stick Figure Quiz!

What text am I teaching? 

Bonus questions:  what other important texts/images does the image maybe refer to? 

Super Bonus question: Who says so?


  1. Knight's Tale and / or Two Noble Kinsmen?

  2. Yes, Fretful got the first one (KT), and now, what other famous texts are echoed in the imagery? (Woman, garden, walls... not so much whiny prisoner above).

    Sisyphus, Bartleby took me by surprise. Now I have to go look back!

  3. I couldn't get the connection to Bartleby off the top of my head, either, even though (I think) I know Bartleby pretty well, but, looking again, I see it fits the part toward the end where Bartleby is in the yard at the tombs, and hardened criminals are looking down on him.

    I think one could also argue for echoes of Romeo & Juliet, but perhaps that's too obvious?

  4. Wild guess: The Romance of the Rose? I don't know nearly as much about it as I should.