Sunday, February 01, 2015


I came into the office to do some work, as one would expect.  I started by writing in my to do book, first the month stuff, and then the day stuff. 

Then I took care of committee stuff, and some teaching stuff.

And then I got distracted and sidetracked.  I need to put together a subcommittee; it's a standing subcommittee, and a whole lot of work.  Except for the chair, people are expected to serve two year terms.  There's some continuity, so that each year, half the members are new, half continuing.  But of the new members, we sometimes have returning members, people who've served on the committee before, even chaired it, and sometimes have brand new people who've never served.  It's important to get a balance, so there's some institutional memory, and building of memory in newer people, and new ideas brought to practices.

Anyway, I started going back to see if I could figure out who should be asked to take on the responsibility as new members next year by figuring out who's served most recently, and so on.

Let me say, things aren't as well recorded as they might be, alas.

The three people who seem in line to put on the committee as new for next term are each smart, but also a bit problematic, not in terms of ethics, but in terms of commitment to the task, shall we say.  What I mean is, there are people who will do this task, and do it well, and get it done.  And then there are people who will try to shift the work to others to the extent they can, or who will try to use the subcommittee for their own issues.  Or at least that's my fear.  And then there's one person who is perennially so much more overworked than everyone else that it's a wonder zie can get up in the morning, if you know what I mean.  Hir life is just that much tougher than everyone else's. 

I need to get back to prepping class.  I think this is done enough for now.


  1. Not the point of this blog post, but how has the "to do" book been going?

  2. I like it. I think it helps me keep the longer term stuff more on my mind to get done, and that's really helpful!