Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Quiet Before...

I made a rookie mistake this semester.  Yep.  I made the due dates for the biggest projects in all three of my courses on the last Friday of classes, as it happens, this Friday.  So, I've pretty much done all the grading that can be done until I get those in.  (I will have peer revision/draft day grades for one course, but can't do those until I get in their feedback papers.)

So, for now, I'm sort of waiting for the deluge.

I should be working on my SAA paper, of course.  Yes.  And I am, slowly.  But I should be pushing that a whole lot harder.

Time to get to that!


  1. Good luck. Even when you stagger the deadlines, you end up buried under piles of marking.

  2. I cannot WAIT to get to my SAA paper. I've got a huge stack of research gathered that needs to be read. I'm in grading jail right now, though, and the papers are really making me grumpy. Oddly enough, grading 180 tests tomorrow will be a relief after these sloppy things I've been reading.

    Good luck with both your paper and your upcoming grading. Maybe take a nap while you're at it, too! :)