Thursday, December 18, 2014


For the past, maybe 10 days or two weeks, I've had a constant ringing in my ears.  Not really ringing, more a steady, high-pitched sound, not horribly loud, but loud enough.  It's bad enough that I have a sort of constant low-grade headache and queasiness.

After about two days, it went away for a while, and then came back, and it's been steady ever since.


I checked the web, and it said that sometimes it's a symptom of high blood pressure, so I went to the mall, and after sitting quietly for a couple of minutes, mine measured at about 125/180, which is higher than it should be, but not scary high, I don't think.

I haven't worn earphones or plugs in a long, long time (think a couple years for plugs, and longer by far for earphones).  I haven't been at anything really loud.

The web site also said that sometimes it's from an aspirin overdose, but I haven't taken aspirin in years.

I sometimes have a nightcap, and I stopped that for a week, but the ringing continued.

Finally, today I called to try to make an appointment at the clinic.  The doctor I saw there before moved a while back, and I haven't been sick since, so I haven't gone, so now I have an appointment to see a new (to me) doctor there, in January.  I sure hope the ringing stops before then, because it's irritating.

(The web thing said that it wasn't usually a sign of horribleness, and the person making an appointment at the clinic didn't say I should go to the emergency room ASAP either.  So I'm not really worried, but more frustrated.  It's hard to concentrate this way.)


  1. Ugh indeed -- that sounds horrible! I mean, not horrible medically (because what do I know about that?), but seriously irritating and hard to think through. I hope that it goes way soon!

  2. I hope you mean your BP was 125/80, right? Because 125/180 would be disastrous.

  3. Oops, correct, Bev, 125/80, not over 180. That WOULD be bad!

  4. Anonymous1:52 PM I think you're describing tinnitus.

  5. I had something like that with a virus - it went away a few days after the rest of my symptoms did. I hope that you're checked out well and given a solution to the problem!

  6. Janice, that gives me some hope, thanks! Because looking on line didn't give me much sense that there's much to be done medically if it doesn't go away itself.

    Anon, thanks, yes, I think that's what it will turn out to be called, but I'm not sure naming it helps me understand it better.

  7. I probably should have mentioned that the virus I've been fighting for a week (coughing, congestion, more coughing) started with a little ear-ringing and dizziness.

  8. Bev, Hmmm, that's interesting. But this has been going on about two weeks now.

    The good news: I woke up this morning without any ringing. It was a huge relief.

    The bad news: the ringing came back within a few minutes of my getting up.