Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

First bird of the year: a downy woodpecker.  I love downy woodpeckers, so I'll take this as a good thing.

Question of the day: where will Joaquim Rodriguez go?   His bike team, Katusha, lost it's place in the World Tour list that guarantees a team a start in the big tours.  Rodriguez was second at the Giro and Vuelta this past year, so he's a contender for the big stage races.  And according to the biking sites, his contract allows him to go elsewhere if his team doesn't get a world tour spot.  The question is where?  Me, I'd love to see Garmin pick him up; Hesjerdal (sp?) could go for a repeat at the Giro, and Purito could go for the Tour.  I really like watching Purito ride; he's amazing and fun, and a hard rider.  (Maybe Radioshack could pick him up and give them a one-two?)  Anyway, I hope he lands with a good team that can support him well on one of the big tours.

Good news of the day: in all my paper shredding, I hadn't been able to find my 2011 envelop.  (I keep a big envelop with all the financial necessities for a year.  It starts out with receipts, and ends up with everything.)   I found it buried under a bunch of other paper junk in my office this morning.  And now, I'm just about done with the financial organization and paper shredding.  And my office is looking usable again for a change.

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  1. aaack! i'd be up ye olde creek without my redwell for the financial stuff. glad you found your envelope!