Sunday, January 20, 2013

Begin Again

I just watched the quick televised "private" swearing in.

Gosh, the Obama's kids are growing up!  Malia, especially, is almost as tall as her mother!   I don't see them in the news a whole lot (which may be the news I see/read), so maybe I was more surprised than I should have been.

After my last post, I did a bunch of housestuff, cleaned out two closets, swept the garage of the top layer of salt grit stuff, and then as a "reward" went to see The Hobbit.  That was my mistake.  First, I ate a soft pretzel.  Then the movie was a disappointment.  It's all jumbled with stuff from The Silmarillion, and at least an hour longer than it should be. 

I guess to me, I think of The Hobbit as having a sort of romance structure, while The LoTR has more of an epic structure.  But the film seems like it's trying to make it a sort of epic.  I think it would have been better to make The Hobbit as that, and then maybe make a couple of Silmarillion films.  Take that with a large helping of salt, of course, since I've never made a film that made buckets of money, and the makers of The Hobbit have.

Oh, and Radagast was totally, totally wrong!

Anyway, within an hour after getting home, the pretzel had taken it's revenge, and I was sick until the early hours of the next morning.   It was pretzel revenge, so far as I could tell, because I recovered so quickly (relatively speaking).

Still, today I awoke to news the Andre Greipel won the first "race" of the season at the Tour down Under (it was a prologue, as I understand it, rather than a regular stage?).  So biking has begun!  Better yet, the reports said that Jens Voigt went out on an early attack, so that makes the year really begin.

So now, begin again: my house looks a bit messy (I have broken down boxes in a stack--does anyone else tell themselves that they'll someday use that Amazon or whatever box, and then realize they have 15 or 20 boxes of varied sizes stuffed in a closet?  Most headed for recycling now!) and an extra bag of garbage which won't fit my can until after the pickup this week.  Still, the closets look really nice now.

I didn't get nearly the work done on my SAA paper done that I'd planned, but I'm ready to restart.

But I'm back getting stuff done again, at least.  And that's a delight!

Did I mention, congratulations President Obama.  Do a good job, sir!


  1. oh gosh yes to the Amazon boxes!! And surprisingly, I do use them. The smaller ones are great for packing stuff that is used, but seldom and stacking in the ... well wherever you keep stuff like that. I also use the larger boxes for storing bigger stuff that is, again used, but seldom. They stack nicely instead of having junk all over the place.

    Glad the pretzel revenge didn't last too long. Hate when that happens.

    Good deal on getting all that stuff done. You should really plan another reward soon since the first one fizzled! :-)

  2. I feel the same way about The Hobbit. I would rather pay for three separate, self-contained films.

  3. I, too, have the Amazon box hoard. Some are, indeed, useful, but I suspect I'm past the limit. Of course, I also need to return some things (after which I will at least decimate the stack).

    I believe the Obama girls are pretty deliberately kept out of the news, except on rare occasions (usually when they accompany a parent on an official trip), so, yes, we don't see them much, and they are getting tall (not too surprising, given their ages and their genetic heritage, but still a noticeable change from 4 years ago).

  4. By the time I moved out of Grad School City, I had accumulated an entire cupboard that was pretty much nothing but cardboard boxes that I perhaps might use someday. Now, the smaller Amazon boxes I do sometimes reuse, but I have a bunch of bigger boxes that I'm pretty sure I should just recycle.

  5. Ha! Just thinking about how I need to crush/recycle the Christmas Amazon boxes...

    And Sasha - I know, right? And she's 14!