Monday, June 25, 2012


How is it that I'm overwhelmed by work and yet it's summer?

And weeds are overwhelming the yard.

I have to read stuff now, and respond.

And then I have to read stuff and learn.

And then I have to read other stuff and learn, and write a thing for the student engagement project.

And then I have to read some other stuff and write a paper.

And then I have classes to prep, and a paper to revise, and SAA stuffs to sign up for.

I need to get up earlier to get a ride in, or weed, or mow before it's too hot, and then work inside when it's hot.  Happily, today isn't too hot.  Nor is the area on fire, and I think this is a good thing.

Am I procrastinating because this thing I need to read and respond to isn't "mine"?  Or would I procrastinate just as badly if it were mine?  (The second, probably.)

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  1. I think "overwhelmed" must be catching. I'm there with you.