Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fresh Start

I had my teeth cleaned today.  It always feels like I get to start anew, in a way, when they've been cleaned and polished.  No problems, just needed a cleaning.

I also went to a bike shop and got a bike fit.  It was helpful, and really interesting.  I wonder at myself at having numb feet after 12 or so miles pretty much every ride, and not getting a fit sooner.  He adjusted a cleat to straighten it (I moved them up earlier in the week), moved the seat a tad up and then down, and then about a half a centimeter back.

I finished my hundred miles for the week inside this evening (since it was raining outside), and the new fit seems to help!

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  1. Shane in Utah1:08 PM

    I love that this turns into a bike blog in the summertime! :)

    Congrats on finishing the 100 miles with two days to go in the week. I just did a 25-mile ride that was very fun...

    I saw a doctor and then a physical therapist earlier this year about some knee pain I was having. The PT was trained in bike fitting, and adjusted the bike and my cleats so that riding no longer contributes to my knee pain. It's amazing how just a few little tweaks can make a big difference...