Wednesday, June 06, 2012


I had a goal of riding 100 miles in the first week of June, and in each week thereafter.  So far, so good.  I've ridden about 110 miles this week, and there's still another day. (I may or may not ride; we'll see.)  I also didn't ride every day, since I had the neighbors' dog visiting with me last weekend.

The next goal is for next week.

For the year, my goal is 2000 miles.  I biked 450 miles last year, so that would be up a LOT.  Then again, I was gone part of the biking season walking around London and such.

I've biked just over 500 miles so far, so it's potentially do-able.  But I will be away for just over a week next month.  And then I have commitments to other stuff in August.  So it will depend on a long fall.

My heel is doing much better.  Yesterday, I was walking on one leg tiptoe and the other semi-tiptoe, and then iced them in the afternoon.  Today I'm walking as normally as I usually do.  I think I'll give it another day before I try a short run again.

There's also an article to write, books to read, classes to prepare.  I love summer!

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