Sunday, May 03, 2009


I rode my bike 32 miles today. I went up the mile hill (not steep, but pretty long) and made it up, and then just rode. My legs are still attached, but they really wish they weren't. They'll be sad tomorrow.

My trip to Yellowstone is in less than a month, and I'm worried. If a 32 mile ride (mostly flat) totally wipes my legs, how am I going to do a week of minimum 35 mile days where there are hills and stuff? And the long day of 75 miles? I've ridden 75 miles ONCE in my life. ONCE. And it wasn't pretty.

I keep trying to tell myself that if I can't make it somewhere the sag wagon will pick me up, but where's the fun in that? And I really, really don't want to be the person who holds everyone else up and is a pain in the rear.

I'm trying to reassure myself that if I can do 45 miles next weekend, and 55 the weekend after, things will work out. But that's a bit unrealistic, to add 20% or more a week for several weeks.

I hate being whiny.


  1. My husband loves to bike, but he hasn't in a LONG while, and he's super out of shape. Well, he went on an 11-mile ride on Thursday, and then had to stay home from work on Friday because his whole body ached so bad he could barely get out of bed. So don't feel too bad. At least you're not having to call in sick at work because you're so out of shape. :)

  2. Won't the extra fizz, etc, of Yellowstone give you a kick?

    I always had trouble with training for races, but could run the race itself fairly easily.

  3. I find that I do better bicycling in company than on my own. And that usually the long bike rides are broken up with a few stops to admire the scenery or get a drink.

    So if you push yourself a bit more each week until you go, I'm pretty sure you'll do well. Just make sure to take along a fair bit of the necessary meds for the overnight recovery.

  4. Actually, increasing 20% a week is not too steep, especially since you are riding shorter distances in the middle. Maybe do some intervals on the days you do short rides?

  5. You can gain a lot of fitness in a few weeks, I think, especially since cycling isn't brand new to you. Your body will remember all the rides you did in the past and that will help you!

  6. Isn't there a difference between 35 miles in a day versus at one stretch?

  7. Fie, Oh, that doesn't sound fun :(

    Delagar, I'm hoping we're all so excited by the landscape that we go slow! :)

    Janice, Thanks for the encouragement, and for the advice. I'll take a bottle of advil and some muscle mend!

    Susan, You are clearly better at this training thing than I am. I pretend that little hills count as intervals.

    Dorothy W., Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement.

    MSILF, Yes, there might be. But I don't know how this tour thing works. I'm guessing it involves lots of walking around looking at pretty scenery and eating lunch. But there's no way around it: for ma, 75 miles will involve at about 5 hours on a bike. (Unless it's all downhill!)