Monday, June 09, 2008

Searching Stupidity

I've been frustrated all day that I just can't find John Heywood's Fair Maid of the West plays ANYWHERE. doh.

Happily, I've had better luck finding Thomas Heywood's Fair Maid of the West plays (even when the early modern printing uses two Vs!) in a few minutes this evening.

Do you think I can pretend that I'm still jet lagged or something?

I'm not good at jet lag, I'll admit. It wasn't at all bad going to Japan/Malaysia, but I think that's because I slept a lot on the plane over and then went to a hotel room and slept some more. Heading back wasn't as easy.

Meanwhile, I've been getting caught up: got the car oil changed, paid a late bill (oops!), signed up for internet access and yes, cable tv, lubed the bike chain and went for a short ride (my sit bones are out of shape!), mowed, bought and planted summer potted flowers, started reading a so so book on Renaissance humanists writings on the Ottoman Empire. (It's so so because it's focused earlier than I'm aiming, and I could use more summary and less detail. But some moments of detail are pretty interesting.)

So far, things are going really well, shockingly well even, with one stupid exception. Grrrr. There are two ways to deal with this, and I have to decide which works better for me. Grrrr.

Meanwhile, I've also been eating: grilled cheese from my favorite cheese place (foodgasm! I burned the top of my mouth, but it was so worth it!), a chocolate malt from my favorite chocolate malt maker (who is open again after being closed most of last summer! Life is worth living again!), and a steak with bleu cheese sprinkled on top, all melty. And oatmeal with raisins for breakfast.


  1. Welcome home! Jetlag is rough. I think it's worse coming home, because the excitement of "I'm going experience neat things in this exotic new country?" isn't there.

    I had no idea that a W used to be printed as VV. I guess that's why my great aunt used to call it a double-V? (Or maybe that's her German immigrant parents' influence?)

  2. Yep, AND U and V are often reversed from our usage. For example, you'll see someone spell "vsage" instead of "usage." Or "uery" instead of "very." Sort of like the I and J reversals that give us Ben Ionson. Cool stuff, isn't it!

  3. And people wonder why early modernists can't spell! Yikes. But I HATE it when I know I have a book and can't find it. Usually because I check the three other sections it could be in, rather than the one it is in. There are, I suppose, perils to organization.