Thursday, May 01, 2008


A while back, StyleyGeek tagged me for a desktop meme. The idea is that you show a picture of the desktop where you blog.

StyleyGeek's desktop looks like a desktop. I, on the other hand, have always blogged primarily from my laptop, sitting on a couch, with (if possible), my legs up on an ottoman or something.

Here's where I'm blogging now.

You can see the tatami room in the background, past the TV. Out the window I can see a typical urban looking landscape, with some mountains in the background, but it looks too bright to see all that in the photo. You can just see, at the bottom right of the window, the requisite clothes-hanging thing, on which my clothes are drying at this moment. (Most apartments seem to have balconies with clothes-hanging things of one sort or another on them.)

On the desk, there's the computer, with a picture I took of a bowl I got on the screen. Then the requisite coffee cup and "OMG, I need to learn some Japanese" book, the TV remote, and, of course, my Photographic Guide to the Birds of Japan book.

I'm late to the game, so I won't tag anyone, but I love to see where people work, so if you wanted to be tagged, please consider yourself tagged and show us!

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  1. Amazing how simple and clean the Japanese room is. Very Feng Shui. As is you little computer table.

    Thanks for this glimpse into the Bardiac world.