Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Dance of Lateness has Begun

A student just came in to talk to me (before class, so she gets kudus for that) about turning her final essay in late. I told her I'd accept it, but there would be a grade penalty.

After she left, my office-mate said that he sometimes wondered about what characteristics were common to students throughout the world, and what were specific within a culture, and we both agreed that turning things in late was probably common to all students. And to all professors. And pretty much most every one else.

I should start a quick poll on how many of my students will not be prepared to turn in their essays today.


  1. Well, this makes me feel better about all the conversations I've had with my own students lately ...

  2. speaking as a mom -- this is how they learn. by screwing up and losing something as a result, but still having a chance for hard work to mean something.

  3. Hm... are Japanese students more likely or less likely to run in papers late? Some of the cultural issues around how we educate people are fascinating.

  4. MWAK, The cultural issues are, as you say, fascinating.

    But I've got WAY too small a sample size here to say more than, a few will turn in late papers. In a similar sized class at NWU, a few would turn in late papers. I think there's so much variability within a population of students at either school that getting a sense of averages would be impossible without huge statistical work.