Friday, October 05, 2007

When Colleagues Collide

Dear Colleague,

Wishing does not make it so.

Writing up a revision of a major policy document for the department, and pretending that it's the actual policy without bringing it before the department for discussion and a vote doesn't actually make it policy.

And sending it to me telling me that it's the policy document doesn't make it so.

It's not policy until the department adopts it by voting. No amount of passive aggressive sidestepping is going to change that.

Thanks for wasting several hours of my time and for making my job a lot more unpleasant. NOT.

Bestest in departmental adoration, B~


  1. I do sometimes wish I could actually send letters like that.

    Sorry your cow-orker was such a tool.

  2. Cow-orker? Ha ha ha! I like it. I'm not sure what it could really mean, but it's strangely evocative, no?

  3. Oh, man. You've got one of those, too?

  4. MWAK, Typo or brilliance? Would you confess to the first?

    Heu, I would get in such trouble if I went further with THAT!

    Delagar, They're all over!!! It's no use running away, is it?