Saturday, October 13, 2007

Interesting Link Plus

The Citizen of Somewhere Else wrote a post on writing academic job letters.

And, back when I wrote about the job search calendar, St. Eph asked a really good question about date stuffs and application materials. St. Eph asked
One question: that "can't look at anything received after the deadline" thing? Does that hold for partial applications as well?
I haven't answered before because I didn't know. But I asked one of the people who should know, and here's the answer I got, paraphrased.

The goal is fairness to all applicants. So, yes, the hiring committee could say, we'll read applications of everyone who's letter came in by the priority deadline, and read their letters if they come in a few days late. OR, the committee could say, if everything's complete, we'll read it; if not, we'll put it in the not complete pile and only read them if we don't make a hire through the priority deadline pile.

So, that's the unofficial answer from a friend in the biz who's darned smart but not a lawyer. If you're reading apps, how does your committee handle things?

Editing to add: The Philosophy Factory has a GREAT post about things you should know as you enter grad school and as you begin working as a new faculty member.


  1. Thanks for tracking down an answer! I'm trying to spread my stupid questions around, so my committee and my belabored job-search committee chairs don't get overly annoyed with me.

    I guess I'll have to pretend that only the first response will happen to my special-snowflake applications. Because otherwise I will never stop weeping.

  2. You're welcome :) And good luck!