Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I'm reading a play, prepping to teach, occasionally checking through the email.

At a meeting the other day, we sort of postponed an issue so that the full constituency of people who might have an interest in the issue would have a chance to be present and to have input into our decision.

Since then, I've gotten a flurry of emails about potential input, or, more specifically, about the timing of potential input.

And we've moved the meeting from our regular meeting space to something a bit larger. Okay, a metric boatload of people larger.

We're facing a tough decision, and we do, indeed, need to get input from various folks; we've already had a fair bit of input and information. But we'll get more.

And whatever way it goes, this is going to be a wrenching and painful decision. This is one of those big decisions, and I'm a little overwhelmed that I play a role in making it.


  1. I lurk around here more than I comment, and I've long thought you are super smart. Your recent posts about searches and department work have been so very thoughtful, and I think that any department or group having you involved in making tough decisions is the better for it. I hope it goes OK.

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I agree with Susan wholeheartedly. Best of luck. Remember the question is, can we all live peacefully with this? Not, are we all getting exactly what we want. Thinking of you.