Friday, September 07, 2007

Student Complaint of the Day

Roughly translated:

Student: We don't have a single Underwater Foil Hat Making course in this department.

Me: That's because we're an Underwater Basketweaving department.

Student: You should offer a degree in UFHM.

Me: If you want to study UFHM, you have to go to a school that offers it. We simply don't have the foil resources, and we basketweavers don't have training in foil work.

So it wasn't quite like that, but you get the idea.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated.


I can never remember without looking it up if Charles Brandon was Duke of Suffolk or Sussex. I need a mnemonic! (It was Suffolk. I just looked it up. But it will be gone the next time I need it.)


  1. how about something involving profanity?

    Charles Brandon was a F-wit (was he? it's better if he was, but not necessary). There's an F in suffolk, but not in sussex. therefore, he lived in suffolk

  2. thanks - at the end of a 10 hour teaching day, I needed that.

  3. Is there anything about Charles Brandon that could be considered "folksy"? "Queer as Folk"?

  4. If I tried to use Highly Eccentric's suggestion, I would remember that Charles Brandon was a f-wit. Then I'd think f*** = sex and conclude that he was from Sussex.

    So it is simple, Bardiac, think like I do for second then come to your senses and go with the opposite.

    Gosh, I miss our frequent chats.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions :)

    I just realized that Essex is an earldom (except for one of George III's sons), and Suffolk was a duke, so I can probably remember that way.

    There's a pretty interesting biography of Brandon. Reading about the way he figured finances on things was fascinating; it's like without the theory, he was figuring p/e ratios on his property investments. It was interesting in other ways as well.

  6. BrandOn (with an O) = SuffOlk (with an O)

  7. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Great one Really needed at some hectic hour of boring routine. Nice find bro.

    RAC Top 5

  8. Anonymous5:43 AM

    How about remembering Charles Bronson, the actor, and his FOLKsy ways?