Monday, September 17, 2007

My Inner Paper Pusher

I spent about 2 hours today prepping the agenda and such for a committee meeting. I got a student worker to make copies of the materials we need, and they're color coded. Stuff we'll only need at that one meeting, blue. Stuff we'll need through the semester, pink, yellow, and goldenrod. Agenda and minutes to approve? green.

The thing is, I've noticed in the past that color coded stuff for meetings often helps people (me, for one) keep track of various pieces of work, and that speeds up the meeting process. Color coding is especially helpful when we need to talk about the same issue at more than one meeting (as with longer projects).

Everything's in order, set up with the agenda.

Some meetings make me crazy. Disorganization, people not paying attention, endless repetition, not actually working on something that we can affect. And alas, there's a bit of that sort of endless repetition work on the agenda for tomorrow, but it has to be done.

But I actually do like meetings where we're focused and can actually accomplish something real. We do have important issues to discuss and work through, too. And we can actually make a difference! I like that.

As a faculty member, I really shouldn't admit that, right?

It's knowing that sort of thing about myself that makes me realize I could probably do okay working outside of academics.

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