Thursday, May 03, 2007

Students Rock

We're having our English celebration now, and some of my Shakespeare students did a performance project for the celebration. I have to say, they were fantastic, just outstanding.

Each group solved some basic problems (explaining how the scene fit in the play to an audience that hadn't read the play, for example), learned lines well, worked cooperatively, and put on a scene. Even better, everyone I talked to had really enjoyed working together and putting on the scene, though some had doubts at the beginning.

Way cool!

And, tomorrow night I'm going with some friends to see the play I did dramaturgy for, so I'm all excited. I ran into a couple of the students involved the other day, and they were both excited and enthusiastic. Interestingly, one of the students talked about how much he's learned through the process of preparing and how far he's come in his skills.

Back to grading!

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