Friday, May 11, 2007

Ending on a Fine Note

One of my students from last term came by today to talk. It looks like she's going to be my special programs first year class mentor next year, and I'm very happy about that. This student did a great job last term using the writing process to work and revising papers, and if she can pass some of that along to the students next term, she'll be a great help. She's also really come into her own working in student government, so I think she'll have a ton to contribute. And she's excited about the opportunity.

So that made a pretty good day.

Then one of my retired colleagues dropped by the department, and a number of us sat around the conference room chatting and such. I really miss this colleague, but it's such a treat to see him again and chat at the end of the term.

That added goodness.

And this evening was the department picnic. I'd told my English majors class about it and encouraged them to come, and was happily surprised that five or six of them came! They seemed to enjoy themselves. I'm taking it as one of those small victories that they came because I encouraged them; it means that I did a good job working with them in becoming majors, right? Learning to value the community, wanting to be part of things? I hope so!

So my students made the evening. Maybe it's just that the involved and fun students go to the picnic, but the students there tonight are all folks that I enjoy seeing and talking with. What a life!

And there was pecan pie. Mmmm. Pie>cake.

26 miles yesterday at just a bit over 15mph. My legs are still a bit tuckered tonight. I'm trying to work on both speed and endurance this summer. The end goal is to start averaging 16 mph (or maybe faster with the new wheels?) and the endurance goal is to ride 35+ miles to a malt shop in another town, get a malt, and then ride back. So I'm working up to 70 miles.

I think it's pretty telling that my real goal is a chocolate malt.


  1. It's funny that your goal is the malt shop -- Mine is a small movie theatre in the next tiny town that plays retrospectives in the afternoons in the summer. The goal: bike out (25K) go to a movie, eat lots of popcorn, bike back (25K). Somehow it seems the perfect summer afternoon.

    Going for a ride this morning ... I've been bike itchy ever since I got back!

  2. One of the best things about cycling is the food :)

  3. I know nothing about cycling but I can definitely agree that pie is greater than cake. Especially when some type of fruit is involved!

  4. Amanda, 25K is about 15 miles, right? That sounds like a nice ride! Especially with popcorn and a fun movie!

    I feel like I need bike riding lessons. Isn't that weird?

    Dorothy W, Indeed! But dang, riding can make me super hungry sometimes.

    PhD Me, I've learned to really love strawberry rhubard since living here, but it's hard to beat Pecan. I mean, really, Pecan pie just tastes so right.