Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stress Responses

I've been under a fair bit of stress lately, not only the presentation, but a couple of projects under close deadlines, two new classes, and then there's the whole country involved in an unethical, illegal war and occupation thing, the joys of the upcoming election.

In the good old days, I would have stopped at the store and gotten myself a bag of chocolate raisins or malt balls.

But a while back, I actually began to take things like my diet and health a little more seriously, lost some weight, and am pretty careful about eating emotionally, especially when it involves bags of chocolate (it was never a matter of a piece of chocolate for me).

So what did I do when I felt stressed out?

In the absence of chocolate and warmth, I went shopping and bought one of these. So now I can do things indoors all winter!

Yes, my new shopping habits are probably a lot healthier than my old ones. But they also get expensive! (On the other hand, I bet lots less expensive than cocaine, eh?)

A while back, there was the rack. And then there are the two pairs of gloves (cut off and full fingered, one each), a new windbreaker, pull over hat for cold days under the helmet, a fancy schmancy strategically designed seat, and yes, a tire repair kit.


  1. Fantastic indoor trainer - go you!

  2. Not as tasty as malt balls (I share the addiction) but a whole lot healthier--good for you!