Thursday, October 26, 2006

More happiness with students

I was about to write a post about a new advisee who totally skipped an appointment she'd made with me. I try not to take such things personally, but I spend time prepping for advising, so skipped appointments can irritate me.

As I said, though, I was about to write that post, but the student for my next appointment stopped by early to see if I was free, and yes, I was.

He was a student in one of my writing classes a couple years ago now, pleasant, reasonably hard-working, and had emailed me the other day to ask me if I'd read a statement of purpose for an internship application.

Can I just say what a pleasure it is to get to see a student I taught as a first year, now into his upper-level work, succeeding, doing well, and looking for a meaningful internship?

My irritation with my advisee pretty much fades when I get to have really fun appointments.

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