Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How to commit self-Bardiacide

I was at a public NWU meeting today at which a high muckety-muck, having attended for the first time ever a contest of a women's sport for which he coached men's teams, said, "it wasn't as boring as I expected."

I have a near-suicidal urge to make sure that gets quoted exactly in the notes of the meeting.


  1. Disgusting, but all too common, sadly.

  2. Is there any reason why he shouldn't be quoted exactly? Or at least paraphrased?


  3. Well, it's a very little thing to make a fuss over at a large, public meeting, and someone should have questioned it at the time (I know I was just shaking my head, so were others).

    There are so many bigger fish to fry at these meetings.

  4. I definitely see your point, but it's so much FUN imagining what the "minutes-speak" version of that comment would be . . . .

  5. Ideally, I would have picked my jaw up and asked a respectfully worded question asking to clarify what his expectations were or something.

    Maybe he'll never make another sexist comment, and it was just a bizarre brain fart quirk!