Sunday, September 17, 2017

Behind Again: Thornton and Haworth

Last Sunday, a week ago today, I went on a visit to Thornton and Haworth.

The house at Thornton, where the sisters were born, has become a small coffee house.  They make good coffee and bisquits!

Here's the room where, we were told, the sisters were born.  It's filled with happy caffeinators.
 Another room, which looked like maybe a sitting room.

Haworth is way more fun, because there's so very much to see!

 Look, a plaque!  (but not a plague.  Good thing!)

I visited the dead folks in the Church.
 Here's the corner.
 And a different view.
 This is the church from the parsonage, across the cemetery.  There are a WHOLE lot of monuments there saying things like: Here lies Joseph X, son of William X and Sarah X, died at 3 months.  And Mary X, their daughter, died at 2 years.  And Anne X, their daughter, died at 1 year.  And William, died at 72 years.  And Sarah, died at 78 years.  Lots of little infants and children, buried and marked with the same monument (same grave?).  It's very sad to think of all those little kids, and the parents just grieving.
 And this is the parsonage, from the same place I took the church picture.  The Bronte sisters were outlived by their father, who was curate of the church.  I can't begin to imagine how impossibly hard it must be to outlive your spouse and children.
The village itself is pretty nice, very touristy.  It was drizzly, so I went and had tea in a shop, and it was so so good!  The tea was hot, and the scones were perfect, especially with the clotted cream.

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