Sunday, January 15, 2012


I've got the neighbor's dog visiting for a bit, so she took me out on a walk. Yesterday we went out to the green space behind my house and walked down to the watershed area. Today we went over by the undeveloped area on the other side of the hill.

It's not so undeveloped anymore. While I was away, developers put in a roadway coming from the far side in. They clear cut for it, and it's totally different.

We walked along the uncut part for a while, and then I saw a tent, so I whistled for the dog and turned around. I don't have any objection to someone camping out there (either some kids or someone who doesn't have a warmer place to be) but I also didn't want to bother or confront someone who might think I'm some sort of threat.

Since I've been home and started putting seed out again, I've seen a lot of juncoes about. Usually they migrate through, but they seem to have stuck around this year. And I've also seen a couple of goldfinches. Even in non-mating season plumage, they're reasonably easy for a novice birder such as myself to identify, and I'm pretty sure I've never seen them here in winter before. I'm guessing they've stuck around because it's been mild so far and/or because someone else fed during the fall.

It's wonderful to walk with a dog that really enjoys snow. She's all bouncy and runs around sticking her nose deep into where deer have walked (or something else smells good). I got her tired enough that she walked back to the house (and tried to go to her house nearby) but not so tired that she didn't run when I whistled for her to come to my house instead. (I live on a really quiet street, so no worries about a dog or kids around, at least during the very visible daylight.)

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