Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today is a non-teaching day for me; with an 11 credit hour schedule, that can work. But I have two important letters to write (review letters) due next week, an observation report, stacks of grading, and an SAA paper to write. Classes to prep for tomorrow, too.

I've been here for over two hours, and have:

Written part of the observation report. But not finished. I want to look at how other people do one part, so I went to find others, but I can't. They should be on file. It probably isn't good that they aren't.

Looked for some other stuff I need. Maybe that can count as gathering materials?

Here's the to-do list for now and the near future:

Finish this report
Grade comp journals
Grade comp quizzes
Grade Shax journals
Grade seminar journals (hmmm, there's a theme here)
Grade Shax research questions
Grade seminar research questions (the research questions should be quick; it's a really basic start to getting students to think of questions they'd like to know more information about, if that makes sense.)
Prep for letter #1 - there are two sections to each of these
Write letter #1
Prep for letter #2
Write letter #2

Prep comp
Prep Shax
Prep seminar

SAA paper!

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  1. That's a lot! Good luck getting it all done. I have to wrap up my SAA paper. The organizer went ahead and gave me an extension, but I want it to be done ASAP anyway. I need to get it done by Friday since I have grading coming in that day. Then, I'll be buried for two weeks. Sigh.