Monday, January 02, 2012

Begin the Biking Year!

My bike's odometer (on the computer) is now at 7703.7 miles.

My goal for the year is to hit 9000 on the computer.

Last year I rode 460 miles. (I just looked at the journal thing, and I didn't ride at all in January or February. But as I recall, I did go skiing a fair bit. And I ran some. And I spent a lot of time walking around the UK! It's all good!)

It looks like my biggest year was 2009 with 2380 miles.

2011: 460 miles
2010: 1020 miles
2009: 2380 miles
2008: 1425 miles
2007: 2011 miles* (There may have been more miles, before I started using the bike journal thingy, but I seem to have started using it in mid-May, so probably not tons of miles.)

Bike journal total: 7296


  1. Great job! It's heartening to look back and see such terrific progress, even if it doesn't feel like much at the time. I'm trying to log 1,000 miles in one year on foot, so am understanding your comments (although 9K will smoke me - I read somewhere that 4 miles of biking is roughly equivalent to 1 mile of jogging/running, so 9K is very impressive!). Happy New Year!

  2. That's a lot of biking! When I get on a bike and hit a hill, It just about kills me. I'm impressed by your mileage!

  3. That sounds like a great goal. I hope you have a wonderful cycling year!