Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Foot, Two Foot, Red Foot, Blue Foot

I went to the physical therapist yesterday for my appointment, and it seemed good. I felt like an idiot since the foot isn't hurting lately and such, but he looked and had me walk and measured and said that one foot is slightly swollen, and that the ankle has less movement than the other. And then there's balance stuff.

And he didn't seem to think I was an idiot or liar for wanting to bike or ski or run (if only we get more snow for skiing!). And he said I could do what I wanted for activity.

This week, the goal is to try to reduce the swelling, so he's having me do twice a day foot bath things. First I put the foot (well, I put both feet, because one is somehow more awkward) in a hot water bath for 3 minutes, and then I put it (them) in a cold water bath for a minute, and I repeat that for 20 or so minutes.

I couldn't tell it was swollen before, so I doubt I'll be able to see if it's less swollen. But can I say, that putting your foot in hot water right after cold is not fun, nor is putting your foot in cold water right after hot a real pleasure, though either by itself would be fine. And either is fine once the feet are "used" to it.

So now I've pedaled the bike inside for 40 minutes (watching The Tudors season 3, because that was what they had at the library, and I figure I'm not going to be too confused by the basic action even if I pick up during Jane Seymore's time), and now I'm off to soak my feet.


  1. Am I missing something--why would he think you were an idiot or a liar?

    I hope your foot improves speedily! I am watching The Tudors too. I just figured out that they collapsed Mary Tudor and Margaret Tudor into one character...that was confusing!

  2. I hadn't figured that out yet; I thought Mary was the one married to Charles (Brandon), but wasn't she married to a French dauphin before and he died? And I figured Margaret would be off in Scotland with J4 so not on the show? But I'm not sure when she married. (Must be by this point, since she would have married young, and H has to be in his 30s by this point at least.)

    And the thinking I'm an idiot or a liar: because sometimes some people don't take an overweight middle-aged woman seriously about stuff like biking.