Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Three Days in Barcelona - #3: Casa Battlo

Our hostel was just a block or so from Casa Battlo, one of Gaudi's iconic building designs.  So on the third morning, I started there.  (The third day I took a lot of pictures, so I'll break it down a bit.)

This is the staircase up from the ground story entrance.  It has a sort of vertebrate feel to it.  But also smooth and rounded.
 Interior hall on the first floor (European style).  The windows really bring through light.
 As, it seems, is usual, light and color are big in Gaudi structures.
 Here's a little warming area with a place to sit.  So inviting!
 Looking out over Passeig de Gracia (one of the main streets in Barcelona).
 A closer look at the glass work.  Luscious!
 Ceiling light fixture.
 Gorgeous floors!
 Up the central part of the building is a light well.  It's tiled in blues, darker above, lighter below.  The upper windows are smaller, and the lower windows bigger, to let in appropriate light (and heat).
 An interior window.
 In the back "yard."  Mosaic work in tile.
 Looking up at the back of the building from the back yard area.
 Columns just inside the room in the picture above, seen closer.
 The light well as you go up.  (People still live in some of the apartments in this building!  Is it wrong that I want to live in a Gaudi building?)
 Near the top.
 On top of the building, there are service areas for workers to do laundry and such.  The spaces are rounded with these catenary arches (I think they are...)
 Laundry area.
 On the roof, the famous chimney tops!
 The light well from above.
 One of Gaudi's four armed crosses.
 More of the service area.  Note the swirl of venting in the door at the end of the hallway.
Casa Battlo was amazing.  One of my favorite places after Sagrada Familia, for sure.

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  1. This is such a beautiful building. Thanks for sharing it!