Saturday, January 30, 2016

All the Things I Should be Doing

A lot of them.  Now.

Tomorrow, I'm going with a friend on a bit of a road trip to see a play.  It's not a huge road trip, just over to the big city, but a play!  By a professional company!

We're going to have lunch ahead, then the matinee, so we'll leave in the morning, and probably not get back until late afternoon.  And that means, I have to be totally prepared for Monday by tomorrow morning.

I really should get with it.


Yesterday, during our department meeting, we split off into our teaching areas and talked about some stuff amongst ourselves.  We were asked to try to accomplish about four things, and we pretty much did.  One of them, we totally finished, when we hadn't really expected to.  So that was good.

I'm reminded again of how much good work my colleagues do, and how much I like having them as colleagues.

1 comment:

  1. We can't do all the things. Get the preps done as best you can and get ready to enjoy the play. Sounds such fun!

    Congratulations to you and your colleagues on making a meeting activity into a truly affirming moment where you realized, anew, that you work with great folks. What a fun and positive outcome!