Monday, March 23, 2015

Off Track / On Track

My spring break started productively.

And then I left to visit relatives.  Only for one night. 

I went to a HS performance of a musical which was pretty good for what it was, but slow.  They went with fancy sets, which meant that between pretty much every little scene, there was a big, slow set change.  (I don't know if they rented sets or built their own.  They were pretty fancy.)  The thing about fancy sets is that the coolness of the fancy part is done after about two minutes of whatever cool fancy part there is.  After that, it's just time for changing sets, if that makes sense.  I think they need to do a better job of balancing the coolness factor with the time to change sets.

They also over-amplified some of the singers, and they were often hard to understand (even when not over-amplified).

I went to a regional concert thingy, with two middle-school string orchestras and a HS orchestra.  Yep, you pretty much have to sit through two middle-school string orchestras to hear the HS orchestra (which is what I was there for).  No doubt this helps get everyone a bigger audience, but, well, middle-school music is what it is.  (And so are HS performances, but students learn a lot in a few years of playing instruments, and do improve a lot.)

And now I'm back, and it snowed!  I am just not emotionally prepared for even light snow right now.

I have some crocuses up, which is cheery, and had planned a fair bit of yard work, but I resisted doing it in the snow.  And then I was just lazy.

And now I have to try to get back on track.

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