Monday, June 16, 2014

Get All the Things Done

I'm leaving for vacation on Wednesday early in the morning, so I'm trying to get stuff done.  I'm excited about seeing some friends (for a day, and maybe a lunch), but otherwise, not really excited about this trip.  My Mom and I are going on a tour run by a company that targets retired folks, and it looks like a full day of lecture is on the plan, one day of doing what my Mom really wanted to do, and then a mix of lecture and stuff that would be better done independently.  But I stupidly said yes.

I weeded the front yard this morning and did some dead-heading of the irises.  And while I was at it, I breathed in a gnat or something, and started coughing something awful.  Ugh.

I've done some of the housecleaning, but need to finish that.

And then there's this school project.  When I signed on, the folks running it said basically you can work at your own pace in June, and it will take about 40 hours.  But then when we did the prep, it turned out we could work at our own pace for half, and then turn in that half by the 13th, and then within a few days, we'd get the second half and needed to be done with that by the 27th.  So, I'm guessing they're going to send out the second half, and I'll work like a madwoman on that tomorrow, and then finish when I get back.  (I asked during the prep period, when I first learned about the two work periods, but the person sort of blew me off.  Oh well.  She's agreed that I can finish when I get back, even though that will be after everyone else.  And I turned in my first section in less than a week, but it was really time consuming and hard.)

So today, the list goes on.  I need to pay bills, arrange this and that.  Do wash.  Pack.

Yesterday, I rerigged the bungee cord stuff on my kayak and put on new handles and a new set of paddle keepers, so it's looking inviting.  I may go for a paddle this afternoon just because.

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