Monday, May 12, 2014


I have about 50 projects to grade, three exams to write, three exams to proctor, 50 exams to grade, and then the semester's done.

If I grade about 13 projects each day, and write one exam per day for the first three days, then I should be on track for handing back projects for finals and being read to grade finals after they come in.

I had a lovely weekend, involving a picnic, birding, biking, and a native plant sale, but not grading or writing exams.  So now the push is on.

Birding this weekend? 

I saw my first ever Swainson's Thrush.  (The local facebook birding group helped with the ID, because I thought it might be a Hermit Thrush.  But no, it doesn't have a white eye ring and does have a buff cheek.)

And my first ever Sora.  That was weird, because it's not like I study shorebirds, but I saw it and thought, hey, a Sora, and looked at the book, and that's what it is.  So for some reason the image and name stuck in my head from just perusing, I guess.  anyway, it was way cool.

And continuing my fascination with the Yellow-headed Blackbirds!

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  1. 15 projects graded, two exams written! YAY!