Saturday, April 12, 2014


Ups and downs.

I was in probably the most useful seminar so far as specific feedback for everyone's papers that I've ever been in.  It was really great that way.

I got to see good folks, from grad school and elsewhere, and that was great.

I felt ever more alienated from Shakespeare stuff here in my NWU home, where I teach more comp than early modern by far.  But where there are other good things that I appreciate.

I planned poorly, I think, and rushed in and rushed out.  The bad in that is that I spent the whole visit tired.  The good in that is that I'm home and got a good and full night's sleep last night, and I get to go to a friend's concert tomorrow which I'm very much looking forward to.

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  1. Yeah, this conference always makes it abundantly apparent that I don't get to do enough with Shakespeare. I have to push to find opportunities to do more. It's tough when you're always so busy with everything else.

    I rushed out this morning myself. I'd planned to stay through lunch, but then I decided to leave at around 10:30. I was just ready to get home. I'm back now and feel like I need a nap.