Sunday, January 05, 2014


I was sitting in my sun room, looking at something on the laptop, when I heard a thunk outside.  I looked, and there was a shrike (a northern shrike, almost certainly) on top of a bit of awkwardly waggling feather.  And then a moment later, the shrike picked up the junco (which was identifiable at that point) in its beak and flew off.

My first ever shrike, and holy cow, what a sighting!

I'm amazed at how apparently easily that shrike took off with the junco in its beak, since the junco is pretty big looking.  (That is, the junco looked almost half the size of the shrike.)  (Also, most raptors seem to carry prey in their talons, so the beak thing was interesting.)

And, of course, it adds meaning to my "bird feeding."

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  1. A thunk, a junco, a shrike, a strike. Found poetry!